5 Top Reasons Why It’s Important To Quickly Remove Parental Challenge From Family Life!

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The problem with having parental challenges is that they can waste your time, drain your energy and cost you dearly! Where guilt, worry, pressure and stress can become a constant feature of family life.

Overworked Mother Rushing her little daughter in the morning to go faster because she late for work. Daughter having breakfast. Mother and Daughter getting angry with each other because of stress.

How a challenging situation is handled can potentially dent your child’s confidence, self-esteem and trust, and cause disruption, conflict and chaos! Is this the kind of constant pressure and picture of family life you are aiming for?

The problem here is not caused by having children and the parental challenges this can bring. Parental conflict and challenge only arises when you don’t have a system in place for clearing these situations as fast as they arrive!

If not dealt with, parenting issues can stack-up, build-up, overlap and get even more complicated the older your children get.  This existence seems to be recognised and accepted today as the ‘normal pressure and stress of daily family life’!

Why do we feel it’s acceptable for a family to live in this way, having to exist within this type of daily mounting pressure and stress?

What challenges are you facing right now at home, in work or in life?

More importantly what parenting issues do you have right now, where your children are not coping or you may not be coping with them?

Why be held back and weighed down by any parental challenge when you have a choice to clear these challenges as soon as they arrive!

Doesn’t that make more sense?

Isn’t the relationship with your children, your partner and having a quality family existence worth the investment in time, money and effort to learn ‘how to’ reclaim quality time and to build great family connections at home?

If you are busy working parents this is something that is achievable, you just need to have the right strategy!

If you would like to start prioritising how to quickly clear any parental challenges you may have out of family life then please click here and connect with my diary to receive a free enquiry call with the overall aim of:

  1. Teasing out exactly what your parental challenges are with a view to clearing them.
  2. Having guidance and support to remove these issues quickly and effectively, with   minimal disruption.
  3. Building valuable quality time and space back into your life, work and family life.
  4. Reestablishing confidence and trust by removing power-struggle and conflict.
  5. Creating a stronger feeling of connection, communication and trust between you all.

If this is something that you would like to explore further please click here to connect with my diary and receive a free enquiry call from me.

Here are The 5 Top Reasons why it’s really important to remove parental challenge from your life!

  1. Problem = Pressure = Stress – forms a disruptive/destructive cycle!

On its own, one problem is easy to handle. However, if you keep adding problem on top of problem, with issues that are coming at you from all different directions on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and these issues are not getting resolved, this will build into a pressure that will eventually evolve into stress!

  1. Are you an average working family?

If you are, you’ll have a partner and two or more children, all having your own problems and challenges to deal with on a daily basis, which can build into becoming a constant part of family life. Therefore within a family unit this, Problem = Pressure = Stress can form a disruptive cycle that can quickly grow out of control, which can certainly affect your personal stress levels and dent your child’s confidence and self-esteem, depending on how these situations are handled.

  1. Multiply this by each area of life!

Once you are able to see these personal and parental issues, you then need to add the pressure from all the other challenges coming at you from each of the different areas of life e.g. social, financial, physical health, career, wider family relationships..!  If all this is allowed to build up it can then start moving towards affecting the emotional health and wellbeing of the family as a whole!

So then you need to ask yourself, ‘Are you seeing and clearing all these other challenges as fast as they are arriving too?’

If not, then what I have described is the pressure and stress you are carrying around with you on a daily basis because – ‘problems are just on hold if they are not getting resolved!’

  1. Rinse and repeat!

If you are not clearing the parental challenges you have with your children and you believe things will be ok, this approach will generate into an habitual daily, weekly, monthly, yearly cycle of existence between you! It’s important to realise a continual pattern of challenge, power-struggle or conflict will over time, eventually evolve into a lack of coherent communication, connection and trust between you!

  1. Parental Warning!

If you are not actively supporting your children by example and resolving relevant parental challenges with them as fast as they arrive and allowing these issues to build in pressure within your life and theirs, you are on a pathway of disconnection at some point in the future, and most certainly as you move into and through the teenage years!

Why not aim to free up time and space in your life by removing conflict and clearing at least the parental challenges that can build up and have the potential of knocking everyone’s confidence and self-esteem to a low ebb!

To save time, money, effort, guilt, worry and stress, learn how to move towards having a strategy and process where your children understand how to manage and solve their own problems (relevant to their age) and create a trusting space for issues to be resolved.

Is this the sort of family model you would like to have, where love, connection, communication and trust are the basis to it all?

Then the strategy and process we work through will show you how.

If this is something that you would like to learn more about please click here and connect with my diary to receive a free enquiry call from me.


With much love and respect

Jacqueline Coe

Founder/Director Intelligent Parenting®