Jacqueline Coe

Jacqueline Coe

Hi I’m Jacqueline Coe – Parenting Expert, Author, Speaker, Transformational Parenting Coach and Mentor.

Parenting skills are generational with about a 25 year turn around. Go back a few generations and you are back in the Victorian age!

I believe a quantum leap is needed regarding parenting skill, awareness and understanding – not in what is being achieved by parents (parents can only be as good as the tools they are being provided!) but in what, and how information is being packaged for and to them!

My mission is to inspire and empower heart centred working parents to greater levels of achievement and success by helping you move away from old programming and myths into new skills, knowledge and understanding, so that with enthusiasm and energy you are able to build a guilt-free, purposeful life, career and family life – and there are 4 key components to this transition:

  1. Awareness
  2. Understanding
  3. Having access to clear, packaged, aligned information
  4. Having a clear knowledge and understanding of The Parenting Journey™.
To effect the beginning of this change I have created The Parenting Journey™ Roadmap, which starts and works through 5 key areas of the parenting world.
  1. Connect with Yourself and Each Other
  2. Harmonize The Home
  3. Integrate Knowledge
  4. Liberate Understanding
  5. Discover Confidently Together
All the Intelligent Parenting® programmes, modules and units of study are packaged in such a way, to flow from one understanding to the next - where the path to your parenting journey is laid out before you so at every level, through the unique transformational stages that exist, you are supported and can confidently decide how you would like your parenting experience to be!