Deciding To Be A Parent

Deciding To Be A Parent

Are you a working couple ready to make a decision about staying on a career path or becoming parents? Is the financial loss of giving up a wage delaying or actually stopping you from making a decision?! !

Through watching your friends around you, do you believe you will have to give up life as you know it, which is also being compounded with a fear of the unknown?

Do you feel the only way is career or family because there doesn’t seem to be a clear choice and clarity for having both?

Then this programme is for you!

Transform your confusion and any disconnection you may have over this decision into clarity:

  • See and clear the blocks that are in the way
  • Structure the decision of becoming a family into your life.
  • Eliminate the myths and beliefs surrounding this choice, so having a family finally feels like the most natural thing in the world to be happening to you right now.
  • Have answers to question that will help clear fears and doubts.
  • Understand how having clarity around this decision will give you a more fulfilled and fulfilling life.
  • Move to a place of enthused anticipation whilst you enjoy the development of your new family to be.
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