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‘Wellbeing In The Workplace’ – A One-Day Training Programme – Transforming Personal And Professional Productivity!

I truly believe in ‘Wellbeing In The Workplace’ and supporting every member of staff within a workforce before there is a need to have time off because life and work has become too difficult to manage and handle, because what is business without the people who serve within it?  So is business truly extending out to the furthest reaches of supporting the most expensive and important commodity they have?

In one sense I believe they do by taking responsibility for huge sickness bills and loss of man-hours, however there is another way of looking at how time and money can be directed into this human resource, and that is one of investing in supporting the cause of sickness and stress rather than the effect!

With the pressure, stress and speed of life today we need to be looking at taking 'Wellbeing in the workplace' to another level! Here at Intelligent Parenting® we recognise that most people owning or working in business are parents, or employ young adults aspiring to be parents, so I have created this '1 Day Wellbeing Programme' to tackle the very problem of Work/Life pressure - leading the way in guiding your workforce towards something that inspires them in the direction of seeing the importance of emotionally and physically taking care of themselves.  Leading to.....
  • Decreased sickness/absence levels and lost man-hours.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Providing a shift in the collective energy of the Company to a higher level.
  • A happier workforce will help towards realigning the energy and productivity of the Business.
  • Ultimately upgrading output on all levels – creating a workplace and workforce more powerful than the sum of its parts!
I believe it takes powerful individuals to create powerful teams and powerful individuals is what wellbeing is all about! To find out more, please click the 'GET STARTED NOW' button below to add your name and email which will take you through to the next page where I reveal how 'Wellbeing in the Workplace' is able to work for you, that by moving through the system and programme I have created has the potential to increase an employee's personal and professional productivity and therefore the overall profitability of your business.

Wellbeing in the workplace

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