New Expectant Parents


Five Steps To Success!



Couple With Pregnant Woman Using Laptop Computer Together

Do you want to claim something more for yourself and your new family to be… without having to give up on life or a career?

Are you able to commit to an hour a night, for seven nights, and invest this time in the future of your new family to be?

Working through this vital programme of understanding will help:

  • Relieve any anxiety you may have around making this transition as you move from being a couple into being a family
  • Ensure you do everything right, from the beginning, for you as a couple and baby too.
  • Will help you be more confident and prepared as individuals and as a couple, in welcoming your new baby into the world.

These are the five steps to success I will be guiding you through:

    1. Feeding – getting it right for you
    2. Coming Together As A Couple – regarding the addition of a new arrival
    3. The New Arrival – feeding and sleeping routine
    4. Evolving Into Becoming A Family – serving all your needs
    5. The Next Step – what next?

“With the structure of this 5 module audio programme Jackie has created, it was great to have the time to absorb the content of one before listening to the next.”   “All within our own time frame at home.”

Are you ready to….:

  • Relieve any anxiety you may have around transitioning from couple into becoming a family?
  • Ensure you do everything right for you as a couple and baby too?
  • Be more confident and prepared as individuals and as a couple in welcoming your new baby into the world?

Then this first vital foundational step – ‘Bringing Your New Baby Home – The First Six Weeks’ is for you.

“This parenting programme helped confirm our choice and gave us the confidence to know we can also have flexibility around the decisions we make.”

My work is about providing you with insights that will allow you to get ahead of what you need to know regarding parenting, rather than having to ‘work in the dark’ until things go wrong, by which time situations can become very complicated to understand and even more difficult to unpick. If you would like to always be working in a proactive way regarding your parenting skill, knowledge and understanding then I would like to welcome you to the Intelligent Parenting® community.

If you are expecting your first baby, then as a couple you are about to embark on a huge journey of change and following this unit of study will set you on the right path to success.

“It was amazing to discover how a couple, overtime, can easily take their relationship for granted, working through this programmes with Jackie, she gives you the all round awareness and understanding so this doesn’t happen to you!”

If you want to start as you mean to go on and continue to build on creating an amazing relationship between you as a couple and your baby too then this programme, ‘Bringing Your New Baby Home – The First Six Weeks’ – 5 Steps To Success…. is for you.

Are you worried about being new parents and want to feel confident about bringing your new baby home?  This 1-week training programme will give you all the answers you need to successfully transition from couple into becoming a family.

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