Parenting Journey

Parenting Journey™ Roadmap

Feelings confused, tired, exhausted, or have you concerns that are worrying you to the extent that are preventing you from sleeping at night? Jacqueline is best known for helping parents save time, money, effort and worry by offering up-to-speed parenting skills, knowledge and understanding that match the speed and pressure of life today. Leaving you feeling inspired and empowered as you reach greater levels of parenting achievement and success.

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My mission is to inspire and empower heart centred working parents to greater levels of achievement and success by helping you move away from old programming and myths into new enthusiasm around building a guilt-free, purposeful life, career and family life - and there are 4 key components to this transition:
  1. Awareness
  2. Understanding
  3. Having access to clear, packaged, congruent information
  4. Having a clear knowledge and understanding of The Parenting Journey™.
To affect the beginning of this change I have created a series of 5 programs called The Parenting Journey™ Roadmap, which starts and works through 5 key milestones of the parenting journey
  1. Deciding To Be A Parent
  2. Putting The First Three Years Into Perspective
  3. Potty Training – potentially the first key psychological challenge for parent and child
  4. Eliminating The Myth Of The Teenage Years
Moving into the 5th and final program of Enlightened and Aligned Parenting - It’s Time To Know Your C.H.I.L.D and Discover How They Tick. All the programmes are packaged in such a way to flow and be congruent, where the path to your parenting journey is laid out before you so at every stage through these unique programs you are able to confidently decide how you would like your parenting experience to be!