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You’re in the right place if you are heart-centred couples deciding to be parents, or parents wanting to finally get yourselves ahead of the parenting game!


Here at Intelligent Parenting® our mission is to inspire and empower working parents to greater levels of achievement and success by maintaining love, connection and communication at home.

Intelligent Parenting™ is not about teaching you how to be parents, it’s about empowering you to be the best that you can be...

Hi, this is Jacqueline Coe Parenting Expert, Author, Speaker and Coach known by many as the 'Parents' Parent' - Founder of the ‘Intelligent Parenting Academy’, and creator of the 'Parenting Journey Roadmap'.

I want you to be aware that here at Intelligent Parenting all our trainings are centred around one theme, which is based on building a lasting love, connection and communication within the family unit.

Why would I want to focus all my parenting programmes through this one theme? For two reasons: firstly, this is the basis from which, everything harmoniously flows and transforms, and is the deepest service you can give to each other and your children too.  Your children need you to understand them and the only way a parent is able to do this is to truly listen. And secondly, learning how to translate new skills, knowledge and understanding through love, connection and communication is the number one way of creating a parenting experience of truly staying connected with your partner and your children too.

What most parents don’t realise, especially about parenting skills, knowledge and understanding is that they are generational with a turn around of about 25yrs – go back a few generations and we are back in the Victorian age! Are these the skills, knowledge and understandings, that will get the best out of you, and your children too, in being able to live an harmonious life together within the speed and pressure of life today? This is important because the parenting skills you use get to directly translate into the family life you get to lead. So from the beginning why not design a parenting experience you would love and would love to be proud to be a part of?

You are in the right place if you are just thinking about becoming parents but confused at where to start, or are parents who are ready to hear more about how to maintain a lasting love, connection and communication between each other, at the same time being confident and clear about your parenting role.

I want you to be reassured that Intelligent Parenting® unique programmes are not about teaching you how to be a parent, they are about empowering you to be the best that you can be by giving the structure needed for you to confidently guide you and your children through every challenge.

If you are heart-centred couples looking to design an amazing parenting experience together with your children then the Intelligent Parenting® Academy has been created for you.

All you need do now is click on the ‘Parenting Journey’ button in the toolbar above to find the programme that best fits where you are in your parenting journey. Then click through to enter your name and email address - and I’ll be waiting for you on the other side to give you some more information specific to where you are within your own parenting journey.